Food Safety

European legislation lays down certain procedures for safe production of shellfish which are constantly monitored and enforced by the FSA (Food Standards Agency).

Shellfish that are harvested from our farm on the River Exe come from registered beds that are tested monthly to demonstrate a history of the rivers biological integrity. Results can be found on the Food Safety Standards website.

The tanks in which the shellfish are purified are also tested regularly to demonstrate efficacy. Tank design and ‘conditions of approval’ are overseen by ‘CEFAS’ the government’s scientific advisory body.

One of our staff holds a Level 3 HACCP certificate for Food Manufacturing from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and has produced a full HACCP document that is available to any customer who wishes to see it. The HACCP covers all aspects of our production, from harvesting shellfish, right through the depuration processes and including packing and dispatch. All staff have qualified for the Level 2 Award in Food Safety for Manufacturing.

We have a full, bespoke, traceability system in place, tracking shellfish from the time and position where it was caught right through to the end user with every detail recorded. The system is web-based protecting us further from the risk of data loss.

We have a Pest Control contract in place and can demonstrate ‘due diligence’ in all aspects of our business.

New We have introduced more random testing and now have samples taken weekly to ensure that every tank that has been used has had at least one batch tested every week of production. This gives us and our customers on going confidence in our product and means that we can monitor our own systems effectively.

Lastly, we have passed the Tesco’s audit (although we no longer supply them). The process was rigorous and examined every aspect of our HACCP and food production methods and should help to reassure any existing or potential customers that we take our responsibilities very seriously and comply with every aspect of food safety legislation.

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