General Questions

Yes, they have been flushed with oxygen and sealed.

Leave them in the pack until you are ready to cook them. Do not soak them in water as they might die from lack of oxygen. Open the pack, wash them off, make sure they all close and then cook.

When you first get the pack out of the fridge, the mussels are very cold and might have “shut down”. Wash them off, but don’t leave them in water, and leave them for up to about 10 minutes or so – probably not that long. Once the mussels come up to room temperature, they should close after you have given them a rinse off again and stirred them up with your hands.

There is a “best before” date on the pack but this is really to give you a guide. If you want to use them after the best before date, just check that the mussels are still alive before you cook them. Do this by washing them off and checking that they close. If they don’t close they are probably dead, so don’t eat them.

Not in the pack or in their shells. If you cook them and then take the mussels out of their shells you can freeze them – but they taste much better if you eat them fresh!

Put the unused shellfish in a bowl in the fridge, without any water, and cover them with a clean, damp cloth. You can safely keep them for a couple of days like this. When you want to use them, rinse them off and check that they close. If they close, they are safe to eat. If they don’t, discard them.


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