Sustainably farmed, award winning shellfish from the sparkling water of the River Exe

Working from their base on Exmouth Docks this small innovative company has developed unique equipment to farm the fast flowing river Exe. By doing away with dredges and using a self-fluidising elevator, the shellfish are teased from their muddy beds without impact on the stone layers beneath. Minimal disturbance and constant re-seeding allows the high density of fish, crabs and sponges that build up on these “underwater rainforests” to be maintained.

Protected Area

The River Exe is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, a Special Protection Area, a Special Area of Conservation, a National & Local Nature Reserve and a RAMSAR site! Needless to say, many needs have to be taken into consideration when fishing and farming shellfish in the same area more

Water Quality

The River Exe is a deep, fast flowing river that has an all year round “B” Grade Classification, meaning that it is safe to eat the shellfish grown in its waters provided it has been depurated (or purified) first. The classification is maintained by independent testing carried out on regularly by East Devon District more

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